Gozo Diving

Two divers My Cover image for Richard Salter's Book - Diving Gozo & Comino

Gozo Diving sites around the island of Gozo, Malta.

There are several traditional paperback dive guides to Gozo, each having their own merits and approaches, but by the nature of print publications they do not give you portability and up to date information.

The same could be said for the dive shop websites as well though.

For each link to a paperback dive guide, I will include the latest version and release date so that you will have an idea of how up to date the publication is.

The design of this guide has been structured so that you have an easy to use, portable and automatically updated collection of dive site information.

The guide is specifically designed for accessing on your smartphone, tablet, mini tablet or whatever portable device comes along next, and is provided through internet channels that will automatically notify you when the next update is available.

It should be something that you can feel comfortable taking on dives, reading on the plane, or just providing a topic of discussion while having an after dive break.

The guide has been written so that you can either start with page one and read through to the end or use the linking ability of the devices to jump from dive to dive.

Emergency Contact Numbers is an example and appears readily accessible on every page.

I have also tried not to turn this into a diving encyclopaedia and include every single bit of information about the the Island of Gozo, the dive sites, the wrecks, the history, the geology, and the marine life.

Where there is more information on a topic I have created links to free web resources about Gozo.

I have also included links to other commercially available products and information, and if I earn an affiliate commission to help fund the production this guide, I have created these links in green text.

Finally, this guide is the first in a series of guides I intend to create for Gozo as many visitors to the island are not divers, and some of the features I have written about are also of value to the non diving visitor.