There are several entry and exit points in the bay. The southern shore and eastern end of the bay is roped off during the summer as a swimmer protection zone, but with a short break  100 meters along the south shore to allow boats to unload and offload passengers (just at the end of the Churchill Restaurant).

The most common entry point are the steps on the southern eastern shore beside the Zafiro Restaurant.





Or with a bit of a walk (~ 400 meters) along the southern side of Xlendi Bay, you can cut down on the swim and air use and enter at fourth set of ladders. This is also used by dive centers from outside Xlendi who park up the hill on the south side. The Xlendi Tunnel is directly opposite the fourth ladder entry point on the northern shore, and the Xlendi Reef is about 300 meters west along the northern shore.


Both of these entries are contained within the swimmer protection zone during the busy summer months.

Some of the dive centers also use the large slipway on the north eastern side, but this is in the open part of Xlendi Bay and subject to boat traffic from fishing boats and the small boat hire fleet.


Xlendi Bay itself starts very shallow in knee deep water, and slowly progresses to about 9 meters by the time you reach the 4th ladder entry point. Up to this 9 metre mark, the bottom is coarse sand overlain with a fine silt that is easily stirred up. Not great for underwater photography, but there is some nice macro muck diving bits on the rocky shores on either side. Keep an eye open for octopus under the rocks, and fish feeding on small crustacea and molluscs in the sand.


After the 9 meter mark, the bay starts to drop off and Posidonia eel grass beds become the dominant substrate. This makes an idea habitat for juvenile fish fry, and is also a favourite hunting ground for octopus and cuttlefish in the evenings.

However the bay only reaches 23 – 25 meters by the time you swim all the way out to the end of the reef on the northern shore, but it then slopes steeply to 100 meter plus.

Location of Xlendi Bay, Gozo, Malta:

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