Cathedral Cave from Wied il-Ghasri

Region: Northern Dives
Dive Site: Cathedral Cave from Wied il-Ghasri
Rating: Easy – but a long swim and cavern entrance is dark without a torch

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Wield il-Ghasri is a valley on the north coast that is one of the prime Gozo diving sites. The valley is reached by the north coast shore road out of Marsalforn, and once you drive past Reqqa Point the road curves back inland and uphill. About three hundred metres up the hill, a small track leads off to the right and takes you down to some rough parking at the head of the Wied il-Ghasri valley. The unpaved track is heavily pot-holed but can be driven in a car at slow speed.

Divers visiting this diving site normally get kitted up at the car park then head down the 88 steep rock stairs to the beach. Alternatively, some divers take their heavier equipment (Tanks, BCD and weight belt) down to the beach first. If you are carrying a lot of underwater photography equipment, then the two trip approach down to the beach may well be your best bet.

Cathedral Cave
After swimming out through the shallow valley (0 – 12m) at this Gozo Diving site, the bottom starts to drop away and the cave is found on the right hand side at 18m. If you have followed the rock wall, you may find yourself at 23m before the bottom falls away. In which case, follow the large boulder slope up to you right to come to the cave mouth.

Cathedral Cave is in fact a large cavern and has a huge airspace in which to surface. The water is iridescent blue, especially in the afternoon light. It is not as deep or as large as the other Gozo diving caves such Billinghurst Cave or Coral Cave.

As far as the underwater photography goes, there is not much life on the cavern walls, but this large space is a great spot for wide-angle diver shots with plenty of blue in which to frame them.